School Policies

Acceptable Use of the Internet Policy

Accessibility Policy 2018 Rhydri-Bedwas RC

Anti-bullying Policy

Anti Bullying Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

Attendance Policy


Assembly and Collective worship policy

Assembly and collective worship policy 2018 Rhydri RC

Assessment and Marking Policy

Rhydri Primary Assessment Marking and Feedback Policy May 2015

Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

Charging Policy

Rhydri Primary Charging Policy 10.05.15

Complaints Policy


Data Protection Policy


E-safety policy

E-Safety Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

Educational Visit Policy


English and Literacy Policy

Rhydri Primary English and Literacy Policy 5.9.14

ESDGC Policy

ESDGC Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

First Aid Policy


Freedom of Information Policy


Freedom of Information Publications Policy

FOI Publication Scheme 2018 Rhydri RC

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

ICT Policy


Inclusion Policy

Inclusion Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

Learning and Teaching Policy


Lettings Policy

Lettings Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

Monitoring and Self Evaluation

Monitoring and Self Evaluation Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

More Able and Talented Policy

More Able and Talented Policy 13.06.15

Pay Policy

Pay Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

Performance Management Policy

Performance Management Policy for Teachers – Recommended 2018 Rhydri RC

Restraint Policy

Restraint Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

School Strategic Equality Plan Policy


Scheme for reimbursement for Governors

Scheme for reimbursement for Governors 2018 Rhydri RC

Security Policy

Security Policy 2018 Rhydri RC

Sex and Relationships Education Policy


Sun Protection Policy


Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing Policy 2018 Rhydri RC