Earth Day – 11th July

We recently had an energy week where the children had lessons and assemblies linked to saving energy. From this the children have become very passionate about saving energy within school, this includes ensuring lights are switched off when we leave the classrooms, turning whiteboards off and putting laptops into sleep mode. The children also decided they would like to hold an ‘Earth day’ so we spent today using as little or no gas and electricity as possible. We took meter readings last Wednesday and we have done the same today, so we can compare the amount of gas and electricity used on both days. These results will then be used to help us think of new ways to save energy as a school.

‘Water is Cool in School’ Competition

We have recently had a focus on water in our assemblies and we have therefore decided to run our yearly ‘Water is Cool in School’ competition. So, this week’s homework will be to create a poster about the benefits of drinking water on a regular basis. We would encourage children to complete some research to support their posters, information, ideas and links to other sites can be found on the ‘Water Aid’ website. We are asking all children to complete their poster on an A4 piece of paper (available from school if required). The poster must be informative and attractive and children should use coloured pencils but not felts.  For this activity, we are also asking that children do not use a computer to create their poster. The top two posters from each class will win a prize and be displayed in our corridor.  Everyone who enters will also earn five house points for their house. All posters need to be completed by Wednesday 16th May in order to be judged.

Garden Transformation

Many thanks to the intrepid team of volunteers both young and younger who came to Rhydri on Wednesday in half-term and worked on clearing our wonderful garden area! This was organized by Ms Lewis. We are now looking to develop this walled garden as an area that can be nurtured and used by children and staff across the school. Any ideas or offers of help will be gratefully received.

Acorn Antics

Natural Resources Wales have launched it’s annual ‘Acorn Antics’ campaign, inviting education groups from across Wales to collect acorns and connect with and learn about the fantastic natural environment right on their doorstep.   As well as issuing education groups with guidance on how to identify their oak tree and organise an acorn collection, suggested activities relating to seed dispersal and germination will also be shared with those taking part.  As a school we are participating and would encourage the children to collect acorns when they are out and about over the course of the next week and over the half term break and bring them into school by Tuesday 7th November.

As many of our native tree species, like oak, have been affected by harmful pests and diseases over recent years the Acorn Antics campaign will ensure that young oak saplings planted on the Welsh Government estate in the future will be better suited to local conditions and have a better growth rate and resistance to disease.  NRW will pay education groups £4.10 a kilogram for oak acorns.  Once collected, the acorns will be sent to the Forestry Commission nursery in Cheshire to be grown onto to saplings.  They will return to Wales to be planted in woodlands and forests close to where they were picked as acorns.