Community Book Swap

A reminder that the community book swap will take place on Thursday 22nd June. Children’s books will be swapped during school time and children will be given the opportunity to take home books which have been donated. Parent/carer and teacher’s books can be swapped between 3.30pm and 4.00pm. Any children’s books which are not taken home will be used to replenish the school and class libraries and any adult’s books which are not taken home will be donated to a local charity shop.

Please send any books for the community book swap into school by the 21st June. Please ensure books are in a good condition for others and it would be appreciated if children’s and adult’s books are clearly labelled or separated.

Ffiliffest – Folk dancing

Pupils will be taking part in this year’s Ffiliffest, which is taking place in Caerphilly Castle on Saturday 17th June from 11:00am.  As well as the dancing, there will be lots of other performances on stage inside the castle.  There will also be activities, sports, stalls and a food area – Ffiliffest is a community event so everyone is welcome to attend!

Non-uniform – Rainbow Day

Along with many other schools in Caerphilly, Rhydri Primary School will be taking part in a “Rainbow Day” this Thursday where we will be inviting all pupils and staff to dress in brightly coloured clothing, in order to raise money for Mia “Rainbows Warrior Princess”.

Mia Chambers, from Merthyr Tydfil is just 5 years old and last year she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma. She has already gone through chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy here in the UK, but now she needs further treatment in America.

We are asking children to donate £1 to wear their bright clothing on Thursday to help the family get a little closer to their target. This is optional and children are welcome to wear their bright clothing regardless.

Staffing Update

At the start of the summer term we will be saying goodbye to our school caretaker Mr Mike Barnaby who is due to retire.  We would like to thank Mr Barnaby for his contribution to the school and wish him well for the future.  The school has recruited Mr Russell Price as the new caretaker as his replacement.  Mr Price is already known to the children as a learning support assistant in gold class.

As parents/carers will know, this is my last week as Headteacher of Rhydri Primary School.  I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have worked within this fantastic community for the last two years and I feel very proud of how previous difficulties have been overcome to become an effective, successful school.

I am very grateful to the hard work of the children who have risen to the many challenges and have displayed huge enjoyment and enthusiasm for their learning.

Thank you also to parents and carers who have bought into the school ethos and supported the school. Occasionally, schools and parent communities can find themselves at odds with each other which can impact on the day-to-day learning of the children.  However, the developing partnership between Rhydri Primary School and parents/carers is leading to effective outcomes for the pupils in school.

Finally, I would like to personally thank Miss Bodenham and all the teaching and support staff who work tirelessly and enthusiastically for the Rhydri community.  As a school, we are very fortunate to have such a wealth of experience and talent on the team that makes a huge contribution to the wellbeing and progress of pupils.

I am very much looking forward to my new role as Strategic Lead for School Improvement in the local authority.  This role will include monitoring the performance of all primary and secondary schools across the Caerphilly LA, including Rhydri Primary itself!  Therefore, I will continue to have a strategic involvement in the lives of the pupils from primary school through to secondary.

Later this week, the Governing Body will send a letter to all parents confirming the arrangements for the summer term and next year.  In light of the above, I am very confident that the school is well placed to build on its current success and am looking forward to seeing the school move in an exciting, bold new direction.

Toddler Group Visit

On Thursday 23rd March, Mrs Gettings will be attending the toddler group at Rudry Village Hall. During the session, parents/carers will have the opportunity to ask any questions and arrange days to come to the school in the summer term.