Return to school

I hope that you have all had a good summer. The information that follows on the return to school is correct at the moment although it must be stressed that these plans are very much subject to change. There are directives that can come through from Welsh Government and the Local Authority often at very short notice that require us to amend our plans. The issues in the last few weeks concerning exam results and face masks illustrate how changeable this whole situation can be. The WG Education announcements are usually made on Wednesdays so it is a good idea to check the school blogs on the following day when we have hopefully had time to work out our response. As we move forward to the full reopening of the schools there might be elements of the day to day running that we need to change in order to maintain the safety of all stakeholders; these will be communicated as appropriate. Fundamentally, all our plans and procedures are subject to change and require a flexible approach from everyone in order to ensure that the safety of the children, which is the most important outcome, is secured.
There will still be no catering carried out on site in September so children will need to bring their own food and drink to school.  Breakfast and after-school clubs will also not run. This is being reviewed by the Local Authority and any changes to this will be communicated via letter and school blog.
We have been encouraged to make use of outdoor space wherever possible as well as to have the classrooms well ventilated so coats and jumpers will be needed as we now move to the colder months.
School will start on Thursday 3rd September for Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5 ONLY. This is intended to give these year groups the opportunity for transition that the situation at the end of the summer term did not allow. School will start for Year 1 at 8.45am and at 9am for Years 3 and 5. Please aim to be as punctual as possible in order to reduce any crowding around the school site. Children can be dropped at the top gate (next to the post box) where staff will be on duty to assist. Pick up will be at 3.15pm for Year 1 and at 3.30pm for Years 3 and 5. Staff will be on duty to assist with this. We appreciate your patience as these procedures will be new to all of us and could take a little longer than normal as we get used to them. As we run these systems we will be looking for ways in which they can be improved so please bear with us!
School will start for all other year groups (although not Nursery pupils – these parents will be contacted separately) on Monday 7th September. The start and pick-up times for the children in Rainbow and Bronze classes will be 8.45am and 3.15pm. The start and pick-up times for Gold and Silver classes will be 9am and 3.30pm. As the term progresses these arrangements could be subject to change. For parents of children in Rainbow Class, where it is safe and possible, we ask you to use the bottom gate in front of the gate to Rainbow Class as this reduces numbers at the top gate.