School Lunches

Caerphilly County Borough Council has asked us to remind you that school meals should be paid for in advance.  Your co-operation in sending the money on the correct day would be appreciated.  If you wish to pay in advance half-termly that is acceptable.  For those parents who like to pay for school dinners per half-term the cost to the end of this half-term is £81.90, cheques are the preferred method of payment and should be made payable to Caerphilly County Borough Council please (£2.10 per day or £10.50 per week).


All payments must be sent to school in an envelope with your child’s name clearly marked and the amount enclosed.  This applies to both lunch monies for Caerphilly County Borough Council and payments to the school for school trips, clubs, etc.  All monies to be paid into Miss Lewis the School Clerk.  Thank you.


In accordance with the Council’s policy, MEALS WILL BE STOPPED once the total amount of debt exceeds two weeks (£20.00) and you will need to collect your child at lunchtime or send in a packed lunch.  If your circumstances have changed and you feel that you may be eligible for free school meals, please contact the school office for an application form or apply at