Sports Day: 26th June

Sports day will be taking place on Wednesday 26th June at the Village Hall field for all pupils, including Nursery. Events are due to start at 1:15pm (Nursery children will need to meet their class teacher at the village hall field to sit with their peers in their correct houses). Please see the class teacher if you cannot remember which house your child is in. Please ensure that all children have had sun cream applied and wear hats, if necessary.

We welcome all parents/ carers, but request that you bring your own chairs to sit on.  The PTA will be selling refreshments on the day, and all funds raised will, as always, be used to benefit the children. After our disintegrating rope during tug of war last year we have been lucky enough to have a new rope donated by Mr Phillips. This rope will hopefully be sturdier and it is made from nylon. Parents taking part might want to bring gloves to avoid friction burns; health and safety is always a big priority!