It has been another fantastic year for the children at Rhydri Primary School.  Miss Slater and I would like to thank the parents and the wider community for supporting the school over the Summer term and helping the pupils continue to be well behaved, polite and hard working; it has been greatly appreciated.  We wish the very best for the Year 6 pupils who are moving on to secondary school.  They have acted as role models for everyone in school and should feel very proud of all their achievements.  Thank you also to the teaching and support staff.  Their ongoing commitment to their respective roles ensures that they have played a major role in the success of the school.

Most of all, however, we would like to thank the children across the school for their continued positive attitude to their learning and their overall contribution to the school.  It is an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be part of Rhydri Primary School.

Children’s last day in school will be Thursday 20th July and they will return to school on Wednesday 6th September. Nursery pupils will return to school on Monday 11th September.

Have a wonderful Summer break and we look forward to welcoming our new Head Teacher, Mr Richard Cook in the Autumn term.