Water Is Cool In School!

Children are regularly reminded about the benefits of drinking water on a regular basis and the importance of bringing a water bottle into school during the day.  Pupils have access to fresh drinking water in school that can maintain children’s health, improve their concentration and therefore help their learning.  Sweet drinks are less healthy than water and can damage teeth. Even sugar free squash can be acidic and damage teeth.

We ask all parents to provide their children every day with a labelled bottle of water. These can be refilled during the day from the water fountain/drinking water tap. We are not suggesting that you buy bottled water; tap water is equally good!

Please consider the following points:

– to prevent bottles getting mixed up,  a permanent marker or washable label can be used to label bottles with your child’s name and class

– non-spill sports-style caps avoid mess if a bottle is accidentally knocked over

– bottles can be taken home daily for cleaning and refilling

– children can chill their bottles of water overnight so that they stay cool during the morning