Sex and Relationships Education – Year 3 – 6 – Reminder

This year, the school has revised our teaching of the ‘sex and relationships’ curriculum to ensure it is comprehensive and appropriate to the needs of the children.  The curriculum is based on the latest guidance and from the local authority Healthy Schools team and the Welsh Government.

All teachers are due to begin teaching their year groups’ unit the week beginning Monday 11th July – Tuesday 12th July.  Parents have the right to withdraw children from “sex education” lessons, which fall outside those aspects covered in the National Curriculum Science, as stipulated in Section 405 of the Education Act 1996. Understandably, parents can be anxious over the content of the curriculum and therefore, the school is inviting parents to a meeting on Thursday 30th June at 3:30pm, to understand what will be taught in each year group.  This will be an opportunity to understand the content of the curriculum and how it will be taught using the latest resources.  The presentation will also be posted on the school blog for any parents unable to attend.