Staffing Structure 2016-17

As parents/carers will be aware, Rhydri Primary has undergone a period of significant improvement over the last eighteen months. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of children who are joining the school.  The Local Authority is also very pleased with the progress made and therefore has faith that it will continue to build on recent successes in the next academic year.

As a result, the school is pleased to inform parents/carers that our staffing capacity will increase next year. The classes will be structured in the following way:

Am session Nursery/Reception Class (Class teacher + LSA)

Year 1/2 Class (Class teacher + 2 LSAs)

Year 3/4 Class (Class teacher)

Year 5/6 Class (Class teacher)

Pm session Reception/Year 1/2 (Class teacher + 3 LSAs)

Year 3/4 Class (Class teacher)

Year 5/6 Class (Class teacher)

As a result of the new structure, class sizes will be quite small. For example, the Year 5/6 class is currently estimated to have only eighteen pupils.  Foundation phase classes will be structured to allow focused teaching of literacy and numeracy skills in the morning followed by an afternoon that will embrace the remaining aspects of the foundation phase.  The nursery/reception teacher and the Year 1/2 teacher will plan together alongside the learning support assistants allocated for foundation phase provision.  The Year 3/4 teacher and Year 5/6 teacher will continue to plan alongside their counterparts in Bedwas Junior School.

At the end of the year we will be saying goodbye to Mrs Ceri James who will be returning to Cefn Fforest Primary. The school is delighted to be welcoming Mrs Lisa Hayhoe and Mrs Liz Gettings to our teaching staff.  Mrs Hayhoe made an excellent impression with both the children and the parents when she previously taught at Rhydri Primary and is currently completing a very successful year at Bedwas with Year 3 pupils.  Mrs Liz Gettings is also an experienced teacher who is familiar with the expectations in both schools.

Current arrangements will remain in place with the two schools continuing to work together for at least the next academic year. In the next few months, the Governing Body and Local Authority would like to consult with parents/carers on plans to ensure that Rhydri Primary maintains its unique identity whilst building on the strong improvements made through partnership with Bedwas Junior School.

For the last few months, Miss Vicky Bodenham has taken on the role of Deputy Headteacher and inclusion manager across both schools. Miss Bodenham is non-class based and therefore has the flexibility to work across both sites.  Therefore, Mr Warren and Miss Bodenham will continue to form the leadership team.

In reality, these changes will impact little on current arrangements. The positives are that the school continues to develop and improve.  In the next few weeks the school will inform parents/carers of staff allocation.  Please contact the school should you have any further questions.