Speed Limit Campaign

In recent months, school council has been working very closely with DWR Community Voice Project on their ‘20 is plenty’ campaign which aims to reduce the speed limit throughout the villages of Draethen, Waterloo and Rhydri. This includes outside the school which has a current speed limit of 60 mph.

The DWR Community Voice Project recently organised a poster competition for the whole school to design a poster to promote 20 mph speed limit past our school. DWR judged the posters and winners were announced in a celebration assembly. All winners received a £10 book token whilst the overall winner received a £10 book token and £20 prize money. The overall winner’s poster will be made into a banner to be displayed outside our school.

On 11th February, Mrs Banks and two representatives of school council attended a meeting at the village hall to discuss the ‘20 is plenty’ campaign. This meeting was attended by numerous representatives from many organisations including the Leader and Deputy Leader of Caerphilly Borough Council, Cabinet Member for Highways, CCBC Highways Officer, Gwent Police Traffic Manager, Go Safe Community Speed Watch Officer, DWR Officers and many more. The children were fantastic ambassadors for the school and gave many valid reasons why the road outside the school should have a 20mph speed limit.  New proposals are to be circulated very shortly.

Thank you to Mrs Banks for her hard work in supporting school council with this very important issue.