Roman Day

Rhydri Primary School will be hosting a Silver Class Roman Day on Thursday 26th October, where pupils will experience life as a Roman.  Throughout the day, pupils will take part in a range of different activities including:

  • Roman games
  • Roman mosaics
  • Roman numerals
  • Roman coins

For children to fully experience life as a Roman, all children and staff will be encouraged to come to school wearing a toga/Roman attire for the day. There are plenty of ideas for home-made costumes on the internet, but if you require any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

Acorn Antics

Natural Resources Wales have launched it’s annual ‘Acorn Antics’ campaign, inviting education groups from across Wales to collect acorns and connect with and learn about the fantastic natural environment right on their doorstep.   As well as issuing education groups with guidance on how to identify their oak tree and organise an acorn collection, suggested activities relating to seed dispersal and germination will also be shared with those taking part.  As a school we are participating and would encourage the children to collect acorns when they are out and about over the course of the next week and over the half term break and bring them into school by Tuesday 7th November.

As many of our native tree species, like oak, have been affected by harmful pests and diseases over recent years the Acorn Antics campaign will ensure that young oak saplings planted on the Welsh Government estate in the future will be better suited to local conditions and have a better growth rate and resistance to disease.  NRW will pay education groups £4.10 a kilogram for oak acorns.  Once collected, the acorns will be sent to the Forestry Commission nursery in Cheshire to be grown onto to saplings.  They will return to Wales to be planted in woodlands and forests close to where they were picked as acorns.

Rhydri Book Day

On Tuesday 21st November, the school will be celebrating Rhydri Book Day. This is always an extremely enjoyable event where the children are encouraged to share their love for reading and their passion for particular authors and books with others. Children are encouraged to dress as their favourite book character and, if possible, bring a copy of the book into school for the day.

To make this year’s book day even more special, we are very pleased to be welcoming the story teller, Daniel Morden, into school. Further details about his work can be found at

To encourage the children to explore the works of Daniel Morden teachers will be sharing his books with classes during the week of Rhydri Book Day. Children will also be able to order copies of his works online if they wish by visiting the web link below: